"The Terror Network: The Secret War of International Terrorism" (used book)

"The Terror Network: The Secret War of International Terrorism" (used book)

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The Terror Network: The Secret War of International Terrorism

by Claire Sterling


About the Book

Used Book. First Edition. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Good condition.

-- From the dust jacket

For more than a decade we have been shocked by headline stories of political murders, hijackings, kidnappings, and assassinations on a worldwide scale. Now, at last, we have an in-depth account of terrorism in action – one that goes beyond the headlines to document how seemingly random events, occurring at opposite ends of the globe, are in fact interconnected, deliberately and ominously, in an international network, a secret war.

 In the course of her exhaustive research – which took her to ten countries on four continents – Claire Sterling was bluntly asked by President Carter’s adviser on terrorism in the National Security Council, “You don’t really believe this bunk about international terrorism, do you?”

The short answer was, “Yes, I do.” The long answer is this overwhelming account of the international terrorist network extending from Havana to Tehran; its ultimate target, the Western democracies and their supporters its beneficiary (and covert sometimes overt patron), the enemies of the West.

Here are the terrorists themselves – running an exotic gamut from Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, the millionaire Italian publisher and would-be revolutionary who was blown up while attempting to dynamite a high-tension pylon on the outskirts of Milan; to the plump Venezuelan playboy and killer, “Carlos the Jackal”; to Petra Krause, who ran a weapons takeout service “for a select European clientele…Greeks, Iranians, Spanish Basques, Irish Provisionals, the Baader-Meinhof Gang, Italy’s Red Brigades, the French Gauchistes, the Palestinians’ European Directorate.” Here, too, are their bankers and philosophers, their teachers, strategists, apologists, dupes, and victims – and such leaders on the world stage as Colonel Qaddafi of Libya, who offer sympathy, approval, and an unlimited supply of petrodollars to assist them in their underground warfare.

Neither propaganda nor polemic, The Terror Network is a detailed, meticulously composed account of the men and women who kill for pleasure and principle, and of the frightening pattern that emerges when the apparently unrelated threads of their stories are skeined together

The consequences of terrorism for the civilized world are fearful to contemplate; this book may help avert them.