"The World's Great Battleships: from the Middle Ages to the Present"

"The World's Great Battleships: from the Middle Ages to the Present"

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The World's Great Battleships: from the Middle Ages to the Present

by Robert Jackson


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For centuries the battleship was the lead ship of any fleet, the yardstick by which a country’s naval strength could be measured. Ever since ships were first built specifically for naval combat in the Middle Ages, designers sought to maximize their protection and firepower, and thus the battleship was born. The World’s Great Battleships traces the history of these vessels that represented the pinnacle of warship design for over 400 years. Using full-color artworks nd over 80 color and black and white pictures, The World’s Great Battleships covers the rise and fall of these famous craft, moving from the lumbering hulks of the late Middle Ages to the last great leviathans that served in the Gulf War.

Beginning with the age of sail and the Battle of Trafalgar, the book describes the development of the first primitive ironclads with traversing turrets, the battles of the American Civil War, and the heyday of the battleship in the decades before the outbreak of World War I. The World’s Great Battleships shows how new technologies helped shape nav al tactics and the advances in ship design during the nineteenth century, culminating in two new classes of ship, the dreadnought and the battlecruiser, that saw much action at the Battle of Jutland and the other naval encounters of World War I, which are also discussed in depth here.

By World War II the battleship, threatened by the submarine and difficult to protect from either underwater or aerial attack, had been usurped by the aircraft carrier from its position as prime naval weapon – as was dramatically demonstrated at Pearl Harbor. They remained potent threats, however, and The World’s Great Battleships covers the notable battles of the war involving such vessels, including the exploits of the Graf Spee, Bismark, and Tirpitz in the Atlantic and North Sea, and the Yamato in the Pacific. Finally, the gradual postwar decommissioning of the last swansongs of the American ‘Iowa’ class in the Vietnam and gulf Wars before their final retirement.

With many full-color cutaways and other artworks of the most important ships, each accompanied by the specification table, The World’s Great Battleships is a superbly illustrated history of these giants of the sea.