"Trekka Round the World" (used book)
"Trekka Round the World" (used book)

"Trekka Round the World" (used book)

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Trekka Round the World

by John Guzzwell


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John Guzzwell built Trekka, a yawl, 20ft. 6in. overall, designed by Laurent Giles, and sailed her round the world. She was the smallest boat ever to circumnavigate the globe and he was the first Englishman to do so singlehanded. The voyage took four years, but this included a break of sixteen months while Trekka was laid up in New Zealand and her skipper went off with Miles and Beryl Smeeton on Tzu Hang’s first ill-fated attempt to round Cape Horn, which has already been described in Smeeton’s One is Enough.

John Guzzwell contributes his own account of this remarkable voyage and offers some amusing sidelights on his no less remarkable companions, but the bulk of his book is taken up with his own single-handed, though rarely lonely, journey. Extremely competent, both as a boat-builder and a seaman, he makes the adventure seem a pleasure and triumph, without minimizing the misery of riding out foul weather in so small a craft.

He wrights modestly, yet frankly, abut himself and his ship, whether they are riding out a cyclone in the Tasman Sea or happily romping across the Indian Ocean, and there are entertaining accounts of the many friends and the very few enemies they both made on their trip round the world.