"True Canadian War Stories" (used book)

"True Canadian War Stories" (used book)

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True Canadian War Stories

From Legion Magazine; Selected by Jane Dewar


About the Book

Used book. Paperback. Good condition. Name of previous owner on title page.


True Canadian War Stories brings together moving first-hand accounts of Canadians in the First World War, the Second World War, and Korea. Readers will feel the pain of saying goodbye to the family at home; the uncertainty of sailing off to foreign shores; the terror of fighting those first bloody battles; and the thrill – finally – of victory, demobilization; and homecoming. This unforgettable volume also contains recollections from the wives, and sweethearts left at home – the heartaches, the terrible waiting, and the nightmares about the dreaded telegram – as well as accounts of the lighter side of military life – the paperwork, the paraphernalia, the rigmarole, and the general lunacy of bureaucracy running amok.


This anthology of true war stories from the pages of Legion Magazine is a moving testament to the enduring spirit and incredible courage of all those Canadians whose lives have been touched by war.