"Under Tow: A History of Tugs and Towing" (used book)

"Under Tow: A History of Tugs and Towing" (used book)

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Under Tow: A History of Tugs and Towing

by Donal M. Baird


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FROM THE EARLY BRITISH and Dutch towing companies to the current Canadian and global conglomerates towing has been a diverse and economically vital part of trade and commerce. The first tugboats – or towboats as they are known on the Pacific coast – were steam-powered paddlewheelers. Over time their power plants progressed from wood-burning boilers to diesel engines. Their tasks evolved from carrying passengers and freight in constricted waters, to towing sailing ships to safe harbor, moving great log booms downstream to pulp and paper mils the delicate task of assisting large vessels into and out of their berths, pushing barges, and handling oil rigs. As tugs and their engines grew larger they ventured farther out to sea even towing their charges across oceans. Today they range as far as the Arctic ice, where they assist in the construction and resupply of enormous floating oil rigs.

The development of towing boats is described her in terms of their evolving roles in freight and ship handling with particular attention to the rise and history of tug companies around the world, and especially in Canada. Liberally illustrated from the author’s extensive collection of photographs it will be an important addition to any tug enthusiast’s library.