"Unembedded: Two Decades of Maverick War Reporting" (used book)

"Unembedded: Two Decades of Maverick War Reporting" (used book)

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Unembedded: Two Decades of Maverick War Reporting

by Scott Taylor


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In September 2004, Canadian Journalist Scott Taylor was seized by Iraqi mujahedeen and sentenced to death. Chained to a bed frame, awaiting execution, the one-time art student reflected on the events that had culminated in his imprisonment in Iraq.

Those events included his experiences as an infantry man with the Canadian forces in Germany and the launching of Esprit de Corps magazine. Originally Taylor’s globe-trotting for the magazine was a ticket to adventure, but after witnessing the aftermath of the 1991 slaughter in Kuwait, where allied aircraft pulverized tens of thousands of retreating Iraqis, Taylor saw beyond the jingoism of the mainstream media.

Probing behind the previously unblemished façade of the Canadian military, Taylor discovered an institution gutted by corruption and an officer corps consumed with careerism. These revelations culminated in the bestselling Tarnished Brass: Crime and Corruption in the Canadian Military.

Unconvinced by NATO’s justification for its 1999 bombardment of Yugoslavia, Taylor travelled to Belgrade to report on the conflict. Later, his quest to humanize “the enemy” led to a series of visits to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and his recent unembedded war reporting in Afghanistan.

Taylor’s worm’s-eye view of international events and acute observations of politicians and media cheerleaders expose the deceit that is ultimately responsible for the wars that cause so much suffering for so many people.