"Waterfront: Illustrated Maritime Story of Greater Vancouver" (used book)

"Waterfront: Illustrated Maritime Story of Greater Vancouver" (used book)

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Waterfront: Illustrated Maritime Story of Greater Vancouver

by James P. Delgado


About the Book

Used book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Good Condition

Greater Vancouver's history is inexorably dominated, from ancient times to today, by the sea and a mighty river. Many dramatic stories abound along its waterfront ‹ of this place, its people, ships and events that shaped a city, a region and a nation: prehistoric mariners who ventured out of the arctic wastes after the last great ice age, European explorers who sought a fabled passage to the riches of the Orient, enterprising lumbermen, railway tycoons, shipping magnates, stevedores, ship captains, immigrants, scoundrels and heroes, hardworking men and women. Their tales play out in this book, entwining the story of the birth and growth of cities, ports, industries, and companies. Waterfront is a magnificently illustrated, authoritative and lively tour of the dynamic ebb and flow between the water, the surrounding land and, above all, the people who strove and dreamed along the waterfront.