"Westcoasters: Boats that Built BC" (used book)

"Westcoasters: Boats that Built BC" (used book)

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Westcoasters: Boats that Built BC

by Tom Henry


About the Book

Used Book. First Edition. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Like New. Signed copy.

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Grand, harrowing, strange, touching and downright wacky, the story of the boats and ships of the British Columbia coast is integral to the history of the coast itself. In these stories of fourteen boats that plied BC waters from 1792, when George Vancouver and his crew arrived in the Royal Navy sloop Discovery, Tom Henry brings BC’s unique nautical history vividly to life.

Henry’s subjects include the Beaver, a steam-powered trading vessel, passenger ship, freighter, tug, survey ship and gunboat that worked so long and hard that its chunky form and the resonant thud, thud of its sidewheels are still inseparable from nineteenth-century BC history; the graceful and beautiful Lady Alexandra, a Union Steamships passenger ship that carried boatloads of party animals to Bowen Island during the 1930s and 1940s and inspired a sense of decorum even in its hard-case crew members; the redoubtable Thermopylae, such a fine, swift, handsome tea clipper that sailors all over the world considered it an honour when the ship passed them by; the Sudbury, an unwieldy ugly-duckling tugboat that everyone laughed at until it pulled an impossible salvage job on the high seas; the Lootaas, the 50-foot Haida dugout carved by Bill Reid, which journeyed up the Seine and told the world about Northwest Coast Native Art.

These and many other stories of the boats that built British Columbia are coastal history at its best – informative, well researched, packed with wonderful old photographs, and lots of fun to read.