"World War II at Sea" (used book)

"World War II at Sea" (used book)

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World War II at Sea

by Colin McIntyre


About the Book

Used Book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Good condition. Sun damage to the dust jacket

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Forty-five years after the final encounter seems a good time to reappraise the naval battles of World War II. The admirals have written their memoirs and the historians have confidently charted the movements and dispositions of the opposing forces.

World War II At Sea, using a fine selection of contemporary pictures, looks again at most of the major naval engagements fought between 1939 and 1945 and asks whether everything was as clear cut as earlier accounts have suggested. For instance, how many battles might have had a different outcome if one side or the other had had better communications, or better intelligence, or just that little bit of extra luck?

World War II At Sea considered whether those involved fully appreciated the role of aerial reconnaissance, of carrier tactics and of the submarine, the latter proving all but decisive in both the Atlantic and the Pacific. It also examines whether there was too great an emphasis on destroyers fighting U-boats, and no enough on the ‘safe and timely arrival’ of convoys.

Finally, this book asks the reader to bear in mind the importance of a factor so often ignored in naval histories: the role of the sea itself.